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Details for Service Capacity Building and Professional Development for Aging and Adult Services
Service Name Capacity Building and Professional Development for Aging and Adult Services Program Name Capacity Building
Goal Manage resources to provide effective and efficient delivery of services to North Carolinians.
Objective Assure the capacity to deliver health and safety services to children and/or adults through collaboration, networks, partnerships and workforce development.
Division Division of Aging and Adult Services
Service Description

The Division of Aging and Adult Services, Adult Services Section, provides training throughout the state to each of the county DSS.  The training is intended to help adult services social workers and supervisors understand and address the needs of older adults, adults with disabilities and their families.  Training topics include:

  • Adult Protective Services: Basic Skills
  • Adult Protective Services: Assessing an Adult’s Capacity to Consent
  • Adult Protective Services: Financial Exploitation
  • Guardianship: Basic Skills, A Systematic Approach
  • Guardianship: Decision Making, An Ethical Perspective
  • Medicaid Administrative Claiming for Adults (Classroom and Webinar formats)
  • Service Planning (Webinar format)
  • Effective Social Work Practice in Adult Services: A Core Curriculum
  • Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
  • State-County Special Assistance In-Home Case Management
Web Site https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/daas/training-resources Year First Initiated 1989
Available State Wide Yes Geographic Area Served
Grants Provided No Competitive Bidding No
Competitive Bidding Details
Waiting List No Waiting List Start Date
Number Waiting
Waiting List Details

Income Eligibility
Income Eligibility No
Income Eligibility Method
Income Eligibility Type
Whose Income Eligibility
Income Disregard No
Income Disregard Desc
Income Verified No
Income Verified Method
Income Criteria
Income Eligibility Change
Income Eligibility Method Prior To Change
Income Eligibility Other

Target Population
Age Range Start Age Range End
18 100+

Legal Authority
Authorization Level Authorization Type Citation
Not Applicable

Budget Information
State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023
As of the month of September 2022
Authorized Budget Fiscal Year 2023 SFY 2022-2023 Year To Date Expenditures Balance
Salary and Fringes (1X) 0 0 0
Salary Other (1X) 0 0 0
Operating (2X-5X) 245,472 87,097 158,375
Contracts/Allocations (6X) 0 0 0
Reserves (7X) 0 0 0
Transfers (8X) 0 0 0
Total Requirements 245,472 87,097 158,375
Receipts-Federal 184,104 65,323 118,781
Receipts- Local receipts 0 0 0
Receipts- Other receipts 61,368 21,774 39,594
Total Receipts 245,472 87,097 158,375
General Fund Appropriations 0 0 0
State Local Other
0 0 0
State Local
0 0