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Details for Service Nursing Homes
Service Name Nursing Homes Program Name Regulation
Goal Manage resources to provide effective and efficient delivery of services to North Carolinians.
Objective Assure that children and/or adults are protected from harm through enforcing and communicating uniform regulatory standards for multiple health and related facilities and professions.
Division Division of Health Service Regulation
Service Description

Licensing nursing homes is one of the services provided as part of the regulatory process of Health Service Regulation. Staff activities include:

  • Conducting routine and complaint investigations to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Educating providers about new requirements.
  • Offering nursing homes an informal opportunity to dispute cited deficiencies.
  • Administering grants and contracts.
  • Processing changes of ownership and license renewals.

This service protects the safety of nursing home residents.

Web Site http://ncdhhs.gov/dhsr Year First Initiated 1945
Available State Wide Yes Geographic Area Served
Grants Provided No Competitive Bidding No
Competitive Bidding Details
Waiting List No Waiting List Start Date
Number Waiting
Waiting List Details

Income Eligibility
Income Eligibility No
Income Eligibility Method
Income Eligibility Type
Whose Income Eligibility
Income Disregard No
Income Disregard Desc
Income Verified No
Income Verified Method
Income Criteria
Income Eligibility Change
Income Eligibility Method Prior To Change
Income Eligibility Other

Target Population
Age Range Start Age Range End
0 100+
18 100+

Legal Authority
Authorization Level Authorization Type Citation
State Administrative Rules 10A NCAC 13D
Federal Code of Federal Regulations Title 42: Public Health, Part 483, Subpart B
State Statute GS 131E-102(c)
Federal Public Law 1919(h)(2)(a)(ii)
Federal Code of Federal Regulations CFR 488.331

Budget Information
State Fiscal Year (SFY)
As of the month of
Authorized Budget Fiscal Year 2024 SFY 2023-2024 Year To Date Expenditures Balance
Salary and Fringes (1X) 0 0 0
Salary Other (1X) 0 0 0
Operating (2X-5X) 0 0 0
Contracts/Allocations (6X) 0 0 0
Reserves (7X) 0 0 0
Transfers (8X) 0 0 0
Total Requirements 0 0 0
Receipts-Federal 0 0 0
Receipts- Local receipts 0 0 0
Receipts- Other receipts 0 0 0
Total Receipts 0 0 0
General Fund Appropriations 0 0 0
State Local Other
0 0 0
State Local
0 0