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Details for Service Mental Health Services for Children/Adolescents
Service Name Mental Health Services for Children/Adolescents Program Name Children with Identified Needs
Goal Provide services and supports to individuals and families experiencing health and safety needs to assist them in living successfully in the community.
Objective Assure that children with health and safety needs that could result in out-of-home placement receive assessment and treatment services to enable them to continue to live at home and/or the community.
Division Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Services
Service Description
Community Based Mental Health Services for children and adolescents aged 3-18 includes an array of evidence based practices and services that treat, empower and support North Carolina children and adolescents with mental illness and their families. These services include:
  • Individual, family, and group counseling
  • Medication Management
  • Day treatment services
  • Intensive treatment services provided at home and across community settings
  • Mobile Crisis Management
  • Multisystemic Therapy
  •  Residential services when in-home treatment services have not been able to reduce symptoms and help functioning.
The services are provided through local management entities-managed care organizations (LME-MCOs), which are local agencies responsible for overseeing and managing publicly funded mental health, developmental disability, and substance use services; and through providers that contract with LME-MCOs throughout the state.
Web Site http://www.ncdhhs.nc.gov/mhddsas/ Year First Initiated 1970
Available State Wide Yes Geographic Area Served
Grants Provided No Competitive Bidding No
Competitive Bidding Details
Waiting List No Waiting List Start Date
Number Waiting
Waiting List Details

Income Eligibility
Income Eligibility Yes
Income Eligibility Method Families whose family income is three hundred percent (300%) or greater of the federal poverty level are eligible for services with the applicable co‑payment. Each of the 23 Local Management Entities have their own methodology for income eligibility, which is passed on to the providers in their catchement areas.
Income Eligibility Type Varies across each of the 23 LMEs.
Whose Income Eligibility Varies across each of the 23 LMEs.
Income Disregard No
Income Disregard Desc
Income Verified No
Income Verified Method
Income Criteria
Income Eligibility Change 1/1/1901
Income Eligibility Method Prior To Change family income is three hundred percent (300%) or greater of the federal poverty level
Income Eligibility Other

Target Population
Age Range Start Age Range End
0 20

Legal Authority
Authorization Level Authorization Type Citation
State Statute General Statute 122-C Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Act of 1985

Budget Information
State Fiscal Year (SFY)
As of the month of
Authorized Budget Fiscal Year 2024 SFY 2023-2024 Year To Date Expenditures Balance
Salary and Fringes (1X) 0 0 0
Salary Other (1X) 0 0 0
Operating (2X-5X) 0 0 0
Contracts/Allocations (6X) 0 0 0
Reserves (7X) 0 0 0
Transfers (8X) 0 0 0
Total Requirements 0 0 0
Receipts-Federal 0 0 0
Receipts- Local receipts 0 0 0
Receipts- Other receipts 0 0 0
Total Receipts 0 0 0
General Fund Appropriations 0 0 0
State Local Other
0 0 0
State Local
0 0